Saturday, 7 May 2016

Nini's ATC swap- April

The theme for the April swap was SHADOWS. I found it hard to decide what to draw or paint. I even had more than one option. The thing is that the ideas in my head seemed easy while on paper they turned out to be a challenge.

I ended up sending this one to my swap partner:

Colour me Positive March

March was a very busy month. We had a marvellous holiday planned and I had to prepare quite a few things before heading for... Texas!!! Still, I devote a few spare moments to keeping up with my challenges. ;)





Nini's ATC swap- March

I really liked the challenge a lot - POLKA DOTS. What came to my mind after reading the theme for this swap, was... Spanish flamenco dresses! So, I decided to paint one, but I found out that using my beloved watercolours would be challenging on such a small piece of paper, so I went for colour pencils. It waschoice :)

Colour me Positive - February

I did my best to keep up with the challenge and really enjoyed working on the pieces to match the hints proposed. Here is what I created:




Nini's ATC swap February

After a long break from blogging, here I am catching up. It's been a busy beginning of the year, much busier than I had expected and much more chaotic. Still, I did my best to keep up with the challenges and swaps I'm in even though at times with a bit of delay. Now, I'm back on track :)

So, the February ATC swap theme was: COLOUR PENCILS

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Nini's ATC swap- January

The topic for the January ATC was OLD MOVIE VIBES. It took me a bit to decide what to make and then, just one day, the idea came to my mind. Tahh dahh!

The funny thing is that when I was making it I thought about those old films about the I WW and when the other participants of the swap saw it posted on Facebook, they associated it with Casablanca! I love the way people perceive things in such diverse ways.

Book pad thingie

When I was in Slovenia a friend of mine and I spotted a pad that makes reading much more comfortable. We were in a bookshop and they had these nice looking pads, but they were pricey for what they were so my friend suggested making one. Unfortunately, our 'to-do-list' was so long that we didn't make it. So, the other day I finally decided to make one. It's not as sturdy as it was supposed to be, but it does the job :)